Studio Gang Architects, Chicago, 2011, English
Nonfiction, Architecture; Nonfiction, Urban Design
11 x 8 inches, hardcover, 116 pages
ISBN: 9780984018307
Suggested Retail Price: $30.00

Weaves together diverse content and voices to explore how the complex challenges facing Chicago’s current waterway system can generate the revolutionary rebirth of its riverfront. The result of a yearlong collaboration between Studio Gang, the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), and students from the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Reverse Effect was prompted by NRDC’s 2010 report calling for a barrier in the Chicago River’s South Branch to separate the Great Lakes and Mississippi Watersheds and thereby prevent invasive carp from entering Lake Michigan. Investigating how dividing the river could also connect and recharge surrounding neighborhoods led Studio Gang to discover exciting new possibilities for the city they call home. Reverse Effect is meant to become a tool that can empower a new generation of Chicagoans—from architects and designers to policymakers, advocates, and everyday citizens—to reimagine and reshape the river’s future together, as well as a road map for the nation’s broader river renaissance.

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