Martti Kalliala
Jenna Suttela
Tuomas Toivonen
Sternberg Press, Berlin, 2011, English
Nonfiction, General; Nonfiction, Urban Design
ISBN: 9781934105696

From the Publisher. Welcome to Finland, a young land experiencing a rapidly aging consciousness, where newly founded institutions are already outmoded and geographic impediments are a constant crippling agent. The latest addition to international prankster/deep thinker Ingo Niermann's Solution series, this wryly entertaining book addresses the Nordic country's numerous predicaments. The three Finnish authors offer solutions to their native country's quandaries, ranging from the absurd (the implementation of fiction-mongering emissaries to boost tourism) to the earnest and probably half-serious (the repurposing of the country to host nuclear waste). The book elucidates the northern country's modern history as a nation under construction, proposing that its identity remain a malleable myth.

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Anthony Dunne

Part of Sternberg’s Solution Series, a collection of books where writers reimagine existing countries to entertain, provoke, and tickle the imagination.

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