J. G. Ballard
Picador, New York, 2002, English
ISBN: 9780312306090

From the Publisher. Eden-Olympia is more than just a multinational business park, it is a virtual city-state in itself, built for the most elite high-tech industries. Isolated and secure, the residents lack nothing, yet one day, a doctor at the clinic goes on a suicidal shooting spree. Dr. Jane Sinclair is hired as his replacement, and her husband Paul uncovers the dangerous psychological vents that maintain Eden-Olympia’s smoothly-running surface.

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Fiona Raby

As young researchers working in Computer Related Design during the early days, Dunne and Raby’s European sensibilities were regularly exposed to Silicon Valley techno-utopianism, much like Super-Cannes’s fictional “Eden-Olympia.” Among the beautiful gardens of Palo Alto’s research labs, and the super-bright minds focused on logic, processes, and systems, Antonio’s Nut House on California Avenue provided the only slightly grimy sanctuary.

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