Christoph Asendorf
Springer, Vienna, 1997, German
Nonfiction, Architecture; Nonfiction, Graphic Design; Nonfiction, Art and Cultural History
ISBN: 9783211828496

From the Publisher. This book explores the astounding influence of aviation on 20th-century culture. Aviation has brought forth new concepts whether it be within technological development and works of art, architecture, cultural self-understanding, even bridging a gap between the two. Author Christoph Asendorf examines this influence by exploring its different cultural manifestations, from the futuristic designs of Le Corbusier and Archigram to the novels of Thomas Pynchon.

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Christian Wassmann

The translation of the subtitle of this German book is “Aircraft and Space Revolution, the Impact of Air Travel in the Art and Culture of Modernism.” It is a book about mind-expanding and gravity-defying achievements in modern art, design, and architecture. Asendorf explains how something that was invented in an aeronautical context, often for military purposes, later influenced other fields, culture, and society at large; sometimes the initial discovery of an innovation was made by an artist.

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