Princeton Architectural Press, New York, 2013, English
Nonfiction, Architecture
8 x 11 inches, hardcover, 224 pages, 100 color illustrations
ISBN: 9781616891312
Suggested Retail Price: $50.00

From the Publisher. Architect Hugh Hardy is the quintessential New Yorker. His irrepressible love of the city animates all of his work, and can be found in many of the city’s most beloved institutions.This book gathers 20 of Hardy’s projects, both within New York City and beyond its borders, to frame a candid discussion about the collaborations, challenges, and strategies that gave rise to each project’s design. It illuminates the combination of all factors that create memorable architecture.

View Q&A with Hugh Hardy.

A Designers & Books Notable Design Book of 2013
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John Hill

Even though architect Hugh Hardy is known for designing and restoring buildings for the performing arts (and half of the 20 projects in this book are of such building type), the title Theater of Architecture is more a philosophical position than an encapsulation of one strand of projects in his five decades of practicing architecture. Hardy emphasizes the experience of architecture and sees it as "setting the stage" for life. His buildings are more than just scenography, and this comes across particularly in the sidebar comments from his myriad clients as well as in Hardy's thorough descriptions. This book is further proof that the architectural monograph is far from dead; it is just evolving into something more than simply rote presentations of projects.

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