Glenn Murcutt
TOTO, Tokyo, 2008, English
Nonfiction, Architecture
ISBN: 9784887062948

From the Publisher. Murcutt works almost always alone, rarely makes models, and draws his works by hand. He thinks by drawing. Accompanying the monograph Glenn Murcutt: The Architecture of Glenn Murcutt, this book documents the same 13 projects, this time through the various stages of the architects design process from initial sketches to detailed plans, details and construction drawings. Clearly presented, this volume provides a unique insight into the working process of this celebrated Australian architect.


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Peter Bohlin

We draw. It is what we do. We draw to get where we need to go. I’ve always admired Glenn Murcutt for his precise care and thoughtfulness. It’s good to see the drawn string to his work.

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