Gilles Deleuze
Félix Guattari
University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, MN, 1987, English; originally published 1980 in French
Nonfiction, General
ISBN: 9780816614011

Volume 2 of Capitalism and Schizophrenia. A positive exercise in the affirmative, “nomad” thought called for in its companion volume, Anti-Oedipus. This series of essays address war and death, territoriality and the anthropology of groups, model theory, and psychosis. Translated into English and with a foreword by Brian Massumi.

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Winka Dubbeldam

Rethinks all and projects amazing ideas into the future.

Greg Lynn

This book and Moby Dick are the only two I can read cover to cover over and over.

Farshid Moussavi

The concepts explored in each chapter (or plateau) are interlinked, but their sequence as printed in the book is just one of many possible sequences. Every time I come back to this book, I find myself going through it in a different order.

Jens Martin Skibsted

A deeply visionary book to be read with attention to its introduction, “Rhizome,” and in conjunction with its companion volume, Anti-Oedipus. A precursor to a lot of the later digital network thinking. I feel like I never fully understood these books. But they have always inspired and intrigued me.

Galia Solomonoff

Fabian, my husband, bought this book in 1988, on a trip back to Argentina. I remember reading Anti-Oedipus (volume 1 of Capitalism and Schizophrenia, 1972) numerous times together—and this is the book that I envision fighting over if we ever consider divorce!

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