Jake Tilson
Atlas, London, 2003, English
Nonfiction, Graphic Design
ISBN: 9780907508373

From the Author. The basis of this book like the basis of many a fine meal was an Italian can of tomatoes with a decorative typeface. From this initial inspiration Jake Tilson has developed a study which intertwines fonts, food, and cities to create an evocative journey. The progress of his journey is illustrated by a wealth of photographs and collected ephemera that provide a fascinating record of a rich and detailed investigation.

The book uses a rich variety of papers, inks, rubber stamped sheets and hand-glued illustrations. With an essay by Gabriella Bassano. Accompanying this book is a CD-ROM containing the three fonts and a website with further documentation, recipes, photographs, drawings, and texts.

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Louise Fili

Designer Jake Tilson shares my affection for food, type, and Italy. This charming book features three distinctive fonts he created, inspired by a tomato can, a shop receipt, and the iconic stenciled street signage of Venice.

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