James Grayson Trulove
HarperCollins, New York, 2001, English
Nonfiction, Architecture; Nonfiction, Landscape Design
ISBN: 9780066209319

From the Publisher. Tropical Modernism will be a beautiful, lavishly illustrated book detailing the modernist influence on residential architecture and gardens in the tropics. Over thirty projects from Fiji to San Juan, from Brazil to India will be presented in full colour, complete with floor plans and landscape designs. Residential architecture has seen a strong return to the modernist vernacular world wide and no more so than in the tropics. Here expansive, open floor plans, vast walls of glass and the use of indigenous materials associated with the modern house seems so perfectly suited to the casual lifestyle found in the tropical regions. The book will present the modernist houses of well known and emerging architects working in over twenty countries. It will also show the context in which these houses are built and show the landscapes in which these houses are placed. This is the first book to look at the modernist influences on residential architecture in the tropics. Equally important, it is the first to look at the modern gardens associated with these houses.

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Hugh Newell Jacobsen

A well-illustrated and clearly written book regarding the exotic.

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