Richard Weston
Edition Bløndal, Hellerup, Denmark 2002, English
Nonfiction, Architecture
ISBN: 9788788978988

From the Publisher. The Sydney Opera House is the most celebrated modern building in the world yet its architect always shunned publicity and remained the least well known of the major modern architects. Richard Weston’s book, subtitled "Inspiration - Vision - Architecture," opens the door to Utzon’s techniques and creative processes. Observations and anecdotes by Utzon, supplemented with a wealth of sketches and drawings from his personal archives, draws the reader into the amazing visionary world of one of the great contemporary (d. 2008) architects.

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Jens Holm

Jørn Utzon may be the least well known of the major modern architects but may well be the one who created the most consistently compelling body of work.

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