Herbert Spencer
Lund Humphries, London, 1969 (2nd edition, revised), English
Nonfiction, Graphic Design
ISBN: 9780853312369

From Designers’ Books. A summary of over one hundred years’ worth of investigations by one of the UK’s most influential typographers. Spencer’s extraordinarily detailed 24-page bibliography is testimony to his investigation. The visible word is part of a program of research into the readability of print in information publishing. In this book legibility is explored with equal thoroughness and objectivity, resulting in the fact that people read most easily the kind of lettering they are used to.

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Zuzana Licko

One of the first books I read about design when I began my studies, it opened my eyes to the role that typefaces, and their design and implementation, play in communication. The answers may have less longevity than the questions the book poses.

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