László Moholy-Nagy
Paul Theobold, Chicago, 1947, English
Nonfiction, Photography
9 x 11 inches, hardcover, 376 pages, 11 color and 429 black-and-white illustrations

From the Publisher. Of all the artists who have received world-wide recognition none is more versatile than Moholy-Nagy; and none is better qualified to write this blue-print of education through art. Pioneer participant in the great artistic and intellectual movements in Europe, Moholy-Nagy reveals here his rich experience as an educator and gives a summation of his philosophy upon which the educational program of the Institute of Design, Chicago, is founded. He clarifies the relationship of modern design, painting, literature, architecture, the cinema, science and industry. He makes the most thorough inquiry thus far attempted into the space-time reality of modern man and his emotional existence. A strong advocate of the interrelatedness of all human activities, Moholy-Nagy makes a passionate plea for the integration of art, technology and science. In the belief that the most forceful statements are provided by illustrations, the author amplifies his ideas lavishly with pictorial material. There is a large variety of media and subject matter such as industrial design and advertising art, contemporary painting, sculpture, architecture, photography, photomontage, as well as collages, and motion pictures. The book provides the reader with a contemporary attitude toward life and a new insight into modern art. It is recommended for the layman and the connoisseur alike.

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Wendell Castle

The first design book I ever owned. It’s still influential today.

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