Introduction by William Whyte
New Press, New York, 1995, English; originally published in 1939
Nonfiction, Urban Design
8.2 x 5.5 inches, paperback, 700 pages
ISBN: 9781565843219

From the Publisher. This tour guide for time travelers offers New York-lovers and thirties buffs an endlessly fascinating look at life as it was lived in the days when a trolley ride cost five cents, a room at the Plaza hotel was $7.50, Dodger fans flocked to Ebbetts Field, and the new World’s Fair was the talk of the town. The New York of 1939 was a city where adventures began “under the clock” at the Biltmore, and the big liners sailed at midnight. The Yankees were on their way to four in a row, and Times Square was truly the crossroads of the world.

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Phil Patton
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