Claude Lichtenstein
Joachim Krausse
Lars Müller Publishers, Baden, Germany, 1999, English and German
Nonfiction, Architecture
6.5 x 9.5 inches, hardcover, 528 pages, 600 illustrations
ISBN: 9783907044889
Suggested Retail Price: $65.00

From the Publisher. "Bucky" was one of the most revolutionary technological visionaries of this century. As an architect, engineer, entrepreneur, poet, he was a quintessentially American, self-made man. But he was also an out-sider: a technologist with a poet's imagination who already developed theories of environmental control in the thirties ("more with less") and anticipated the globalization of our planet ("think global - act local"). This visual reader documents and examines Fuller's theories, ideas, designs, and projects. It also takes an analytical look at his ideology of technology as the panacea.

With numerous illustrations, many published here for the first time, as well as texts by Fuller and the editors.

The publication presents Buckminster Fuller's creations as a dazzling expression of this unconditionally optimistic technocrat whose vision of driverless Spaceship Earth led him to examine the principles of maximizing effects in the most diverse sectors of design and construction.

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Christian Wassmann

Author Claude Lichtenstein was my design history professor in Zurich. A lot of the content of this book he tested on us as students first. Lars Müller turned the very diverse work by Fuller—a visionary architect, designer, engineer, teacher, and philosopher—into a compelling visual reader.

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