Robert M. Pirsig
HarperCollins, New York, 2008; originally published 1974, English
Nonfiction, General
ISBN: 9780061673733

Pirsig’s narrative of a father and son on a summer motorcycle trip across America’s Northwest becomes a profound personal and philosophical odyssey into life’s fundamental questions.

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Craig Hodgetts

Pirsig is the ultimate do-it-yourself-pragmatist. I was inspired by the affirmation that personal attention, discipline, and daring in equal portions could fuel a whole self-sufficient, satisfying lifestyle. It’s easy to see where Samuel Mockbee’s “Rural Studio” fits in, and I hope that some of our work can also be traced to Pirsig’s inspiration.

Tom Kundig

This is a deeply personal book for me, about how there is beauty in simple, elemental skills. Through skill, we engage the world around us in all its potential and meaning. The book helped me move beyond the overly complex and constricted thinking that typifies academic dialogue. The idea that I took from it is that what is perceived as simple can actually be the most complex and meaningful, and that often the overlooked point is the most important.

Ian Ritchie

This was already a cult book when I bought a copy, and its combination of philosophy and emotion through conversations was akin to ongoing seminars and discussions I was having in the mid-1970s, except this was a written reference.

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