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Specializing in current titles on contemporary architectural practice, architectural history and theory, city planning, landscape design, photography, art, and graphic design, the CCA bookstore offers books from around the world, ranging from scholarly and professional works to publications of general interest.

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Best-Selling Design Books (January)


Urban Catalyst Add to My Reading List

Philipp Oswalt

Urban Catalyst examines various ways in which city planning can incorporate informal processes and describes important lessons architects and city planners can learn from temporary users.


Animal Logo Add to My Reading List


The book is a collection of categorized animal logos and symbols from around the world and contains 266 logos from some of the world’s greatest designers and companies such as; Total Identity, Lance Wyman, Stockholm Design Lab and many more.


Shopping in Jail Add to My Reading List

Douglas Coupland

In Douglas Coupland's writing, the doldrums of a world afflicted by the pains of dotcom booms and busts, the ascendency of subcultures to pop cultures, and the subsequent struggle for identity are counterbalanced by droll, personal, and incisive analyses.


Herzog & De Meuron: Natural History Add to My Reading List

Philip Ursprung

More than any of their contemporaries, Swiss architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron are challenging the boundaries between architecture and art.


Enzo Mari: Fable Game Add to My Reading List

Enzo Mari

The Fable Game is a story construction set comprised of six cards, covered with Mari's depictions of all the classic elements of fairy tales and fables: animals, umbrellas, mountains, moons, etc.

Notable and Quotable

LEGO Special Edition: Villa Savoye, Le Corbusier

Build a LEGO® brick model of this famous modernist-style country house residence! Situated on the outskirts of Paris, France Villa Savoye was designed by Le Corbusier in the 1920s as the perfect embodiment of Le Corbusier’s 'Five Points' construction principles. Buy from CCA Bookstore


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