Collected Works

Collected Works is an independent and locally owned business, located on the corner of Galisteo and Water Streets in downtown Santa Fe, just blocks from the historic Plaza. We are a full-service general bookstore with an inventory of over 30,000 titles, including a large selection of local travel, Southwest and Native American history, art and architecture, poetry, and children’s books. Our architecture sections features books that deal in adobe building and green building, which are among the most popular subjects of our community at large.

202 Galisteo Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Best-Selling Design Books (January)


Ancient Origins of the Mexican Plaza Add to My Reading List

Logan Wagner et al.
Hal Box
Susan Kline Morehead

The site of a community's most important architecture—church, government buildings, and marketplace—the Mexican plaza is both sacred and secular space and thus the very heart of the community.


Young House Love Add to My Reading List

Sherry Petersik
John Petersik

This debut book by bloggers Sherry and John Petersik is filled with hundreds of fun, deceptively simple, budget-friendly ideas for sprucing up a home.


100 Dream Houses Add to My Reading List

Wang Zhi

From Oceania to Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Asia — the spectacular homes in 100 Dream Houses cover every corner of the world.


So1o 2uo 3rio Add to My Reading List


Designers and artists today are using all different tactics to remain true to their vision while still maintaining their economic independence. This book takes a look at 30 international design studios that are run by no more than three creative professionals.


Love Earth Add to My Reading List


Never has green design been more important. Unfortunately, good design has not always followed... Love Earth shows that green design and good design are not mutually exclusive.

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