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Inspired by the owner’s passion for books and personal frustration with the lack of a cozy, neighborhood spot, Papercup opened its doors in June 2009 as a dedicated specialized bookshop. Located on a charming street in the eclectic Mar Mikhael neighborhood of Beirut, you will find our shelves filled with beautiful books on art, architecture, design, photography, and fashion. Those are complemented by a curated selection of magazines, children reads, graphic novels and stationery finds, as well as our bespoke ordering service — if you can’t find it on our shelves, we will order it with complimentary shipping.

Agopian Building
Pharaon Street
Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon
+961 1 443083


Best-Selling Design Books (January)


A History of the World in 100 Objects Add to My Reading List

Neil MacGregor

Neil MacGregor's radio series “A History of the World in 100 Objects" has been a unique event that has set a benchmark for public service broadcasting in the UK and across the world.


Lightopia Add to My Reading List

Jolanthe Kugler

Lightopia investigates the development of light design, taking a novel perspective by placing the current paradigm shift in the larger context of cultural history.


Sou Fujimoto: Futurospective Architecture Add to My Reading List

Sou Fujimoto

In this satisfying volume, the young, internationally acclaimed Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto elucidates his architectural vision via more than 120 models of his built structures, accompanied by his brief, aphoristic observations and questions on the philosophy that each structure expresses.


Patricia Urquiola: Time to Make a Book Add to My Reading List

Patricia Urquiola
Pedro Almodovar
Ferran Adria

Patricia Urquiola’s portfolio of architectural projects and product designs is diverse and intensely personal. This book captures the fervid energy of Urquiola’s life and work, in an unprecedented and striking design object as innovative and intimate as her body of work.


Rough Interiors Add to My Reading List

Sibylle Kramer

The concept of taking the existing material as an idea is what is behind the expression "Rough Interiors."

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