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William Stout Architectural Books carries over 20,000 titles in two locations in the fields of architecture, art, urban planning, graphic and industrial design, furniture and interior design, and landscape architecture. For over 35 years, it has been a vital resource for architecture and design books, carrying American and international titles, both in and out of print.

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Best-Selling Design Books (January)


re:Visions Add to My Reading List

Michael Boyd

New work from Michael Boyd of BoydDesign. Catalogue of Hedge Gallery exhibition December 2013–February 2014. Photography by Hans Eckhardt.


CLOG: Unpublished Add to My Reading List


At a moment when new forms of publication are emerging and disrupting traditional models it is time to analyze what is being published, why it's being published, and to examine what is being left out of the conversation.


Dayne Trower: External Walls Add to My Reading List

Dayne Trower

A series of small objects made from thin slices of timber is presented with an unusual degree of precision. In this study of theme and variation our attention is drawn to slight shifts in emphasis and technique, within an overall formal repetition.


New Orleans Observed Add to My Reading List

Errol Barron

New Orleans Observed: Drawings and Observations of America’s Most Foreign City is a collection of drawings and observations made primarily while Errol Barron was on sabbatical from the Tulane University School of Architecture (2009).


GSD Platform 6 Add to My Reading List

Rosetta S. Elkin Editor

Represents a selective sampling of agendas cultivated at the GSD during the last academic year, revealing a diverse mix of projects, research and events.


Eva Zeisel: Life, Design, and Beauty

This richly illustrated volume—the first-ever complete biographical account of Zeisel’s life and work—presents an extensive survey of every line she ever created, all captured in gorgeous new photography, plus 28 short essays from scholars, collectors, curators, and designers. Buy from William Stout Architectural Books

Staff Recommendations

Jørn Utzon: Drawings and Buildings Add to My Reading List

Michael Asgaard Anderson

Organized into six thematic chapters—place, working method, building culture, construction, materiality, and living—Jørn Utzon presents all of the artist’s important work as well as many of his lesser-known, though equally important competition entries, furniture designs, and other built projects. More

Carlo Scarpa Add to My Reading List

Robert McCarter

While Carlo Scarpa has been intensely revered as an architect of immense detail and consideration, no comprehensive monograph has been produced on this scale to date — nothing that approaches the breadth and depth covered by this title. More

Louis Kahn: The Power of Architecture Add to My Reading List

Mateo Kries Editor
Jochen Eisenbrand Editor
Stanislaus von Moos Editor

American architect Louis Kahn is regarded as one of the great builders of the twentieth century. With complex spatial compositions, an elemental formal vocabulary and a choreographic mastery of light, Kahn created buildings of archaic beauty and powerful universal symbolism. More

A Passion for Jean Prouvé Add to My Reading List

Jean Prouvé

Equally admired for his work in furniture, metalwork and architecture, Jean Prouvé (1901-1984) is one of the most influential designers of the early modern design movement. His innovative chairs, desks, lamps and shelves have long been collector's items. More

We Sit Together Add to My Reading List

Francis Cape

We Sit Together presents twenty-five of Francis Cape's beautifully reconstructed communal wooden benches drawn from twenty utopian sects, active from 1732 to the present, ranging from well-known communities like the Shakers to more obscure groups like the Separatists of Zoar. More

Studio Mumbai: Praxis Add to My Reading List

Studio Mumbai

The workshop of Studio Mumbai, headed by Bijoy Jain, consists of open air-spaces in a rustic setting surrounded by trees. More

MVRDV Buildings Add to My Reading List

Ilka Ruby Editor
Andreas Ruby Editor

In cooperation with Ilka and Andreas Ruby, MVRDV assembled a redefined architecture monograph about its realized work, featuring user testimonies, journalistic articles, unpublished images and accessible drawings. More

Donald Olsen: Architect of Habitable Abstractions Add to My Reading List

Pierluigi Serraino

The purist houses of Donald Olsen stand out as remarkably durable achievements among the post-war architectural heritage of the San Francisco Bay Area. Richly illustrated, this book fully documents these little known examples of high modernism in Northern California. More

James Turrell: A Retrospective Add to My Reading List

Michael Govan
Christine Y. Kim et al.

Published in conjunction with a major retrospective, this comprehensive volume illuminates the origins and motivations of James Turrell’s incredibly diverse and exciting body of work—from his Mendota studio days to his monumental work-in-progress Roden Crater. More

Books Every Designer Should Own

Light in Japanese Architecture (A+U) Add to My Reading List

Henry Plummer

Henry Plummer’s essential survey of light in Japanese architecture. More

In Praise of Shadows Add to My Reading List

Jun’ichiro Tanizaki

Jun’ichiro Tanizaki’s seminal essay on the Japanese sense of beauty. More

IDEO Method Cards: 51 Ways to Inspire Design Add to My Reading List


IDEO’s design tool meant to help you explore new approaches and develop your own. Use the deck to take a new view, to inspire creativity, to communicate with your team, or to turn a corner. More

Pamphlet Architecture 1–10 Add to My Reading List

Pamphlet Architecture

A reissuing of the first ten issues—most of which have long been out of print—of this popular series founded twenty years ago by Steven Holl and our own William Stout. Featuring works by Zaha Hadid, Steven Holl, Lebbeus Woods, and others. More

Geometry of Design: Studies in Proportion and Composition Add to My Reading List

Kimberly Elam

Using detailed diagrams and vellum overlays, Elam illustrates how naturally occurring systems of measurement create symmetry, order, and visual balance in a broad spectrum of successful modern design. More

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