R. Craig Miller

Curator; Writer; Lecturer / Architecture; Product Design / United States / Indianapolis Museum of Art

Books Every Product Designer Should Read

. . . A thoughtful curator—and designer, for that matter—must intrinsically know the history of design: the artists, manufacturers, institutions, and museums that have created and shaped the field in which we work. Books are among the most important entrees into that larger world. . . . View the complete text
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Perhaps the last epochal design show and catalogue to be produced by MoMA. The exhibition not only anointed Italy as the leader in design in the second half of the 20th century, but it also christened a pantheon of Italian designers and manufacturers who would ultimately lead contemporary design in a multitude of new directions.

Erik Zahle Editor

Now largely forgotten, this early publication opened my eyes to the extraordinary achievements of Nordic design in the two decades after World War II. Rarely have so many countries produced so many first-rate designers in such a broad array of design media. It was a brief but golden age for Scandinavia.

Edgar Kaufmann Jr.

In many respects, Kaufmann personified the role of a modern design curator in American museums in the 20th century, one who was highly visible and influential in shaping public taste. His advocacy of the concept of “good design” profoundly shaped MoMA and the ideals of modern design at mid-century.

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