Carl Magnusson

Product/Industrial Designer / United States / CGM Design LLC

Carl Magnusson’s Book List

I chose my books for this list based on several, perhaps random, criteria:

1. Enlightening for our profession

2. Outsiders’ views on design, which tend to put our work into perspective—i.e., design is not the most important factor but a part of a larger picture

3. Divertimenti: intellectually entertaining

4. Early books written by proven historians

5. Foreign authors: their views work to complete the picture

6 books
John Kenneth Galbraith

I read this book in the 1960s and recently reread it. Interesting to note how the disparity in wealth continues despite opportunities to democratize capitalism.

Paul Krugman

This book title reflected how I felt! A very good read that gives a very plausible, albeit admittedly partisan, road map for a way to growth.

Jonathan Haidt

In spite of the Zen-like title this is not a self-help book, but an informed analysis of a few cross-cultural Great Ideas by thinkers of the past that comment on how we find meaning and connection in what we do.

Christopher Hitchens

I have always enjoyed Christopher Hitchens’s (sometimes abrasive) presence and writing, and this autobiography is a detailed rendition of his unapologetic life.

Mark Hollingsworth
Stewart Lansley

Good insights into recent Russian history and its effects on London society; commentary on cultural differences and the boom of the luxury market.

Amar Bhidé

One of the early supporters of innovation as the American answer to the threat of outsourcing. In my ongoing quest for good news I liked the optimistic outlook for the future of the American economy, based on data and research of past events.

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