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Chris Bangle’s Book List

My Top Ten Books on: 1. Car design: The Nude; The creative process: Poetics of Music; 3. The relationship between Creative and Client: An Essay on Typography; 4. Understanding gender and design: As Long as It’s Pink; 5. Learning how to see the world: A Pattern Language; 6. The arcane minutiae of car design: A Century of Automotive Style; 7. Design insights from an unexpected quarter: Understanding Comics; 8. The historical consequences of design to put it all in perspective: American Design Ethic; 9. Understanding the authority of design: Architectural Ornament; 10. Making you wish you were 1/100th as creative as a true genius: Sentinel. Details below.

2 books
Brent C. Brolin

A fascinating historical read, but with a wonderfully laid-out explanation of the shift in authority in product design, architecture, and art. For car designers, who do not usually find themselves at home in any of these camps, the foundations of our practice and its own authority are clearly there as well.

Christopher Alexander
Sara Ishikawa
Murray Silverstein

Chuck Jones, former chief of design of Whirlpool, first gave me this to read. After the thinking sinks in, you begin to really see the world in the authors’ organizational manner and realize how much is missing from, for instance, the world of car design regarding insights and relationships. Another must-be-a-textbook for design schools.

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