Craig Hodgetts

Architect; Graphic Designer / United States / Hodgetts + Fung Architecture and Design

Craig Hodgetts’s Book List

I look to writers, especially those who deal with the form of writing itself, to open doors to the infinite number of ways to structure and assess the world, and particularly the processes and concepts that animate and motivate us as humans. I don’t look at them as “source books” but rather as indicators of how one might think about and relate to the incredibly diverse surroundings with which we interact on a daily basis. I am at heart an eclectic individual, with an appetite for nearly everything I encounter, so this list is likewise eclectic and unstructured.

2 books
Barbara Goldstein Editor

Simple, straightforward account of the birth of a new aesthetic. Brave new magazine composition, brave new design principles, brave new technology, brave new lifestyle, all assembled into a slim, almost fragile format that was just this side of self-indulgence—except it wasn’t. It is of course the bible for mid-century aficionados, but don’t let that fool you. It is as deep as you want to go, and I suggest you do go deep.

John Cage

Cage’s ability to exploit the “accidental” reveals the richness to be found in the seemingly random sounds, sights, and events that make up the environment. To designers who obsess over each detail, and in the process squeeze out every uncontrolled morsel, Cage implicitly cautions that they may be creating lifeless hulks which do little but celebrate their own solipsistic nature.

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