Daniel Libeskind

Architect / United States / Studio Daniel Libeskind, Architect LLC

Daniel Libeskind’s Book List

The Prey of Unknown Zones —

The Pillage of the Sea

The Tabernacles of the Minds

That told the Truth to me —

 — Emily Dickinson

4 books
Translated from Middle English by A.C. Spearing

The clearest and most rational of all philosophy books. Very useful in the era of fuzzy cloud logic.

Jacques Derrida

Mystical, intellectual, and ecstatic—for anyone interested in truly understanding architecture and thought that is not “philosophical”!


The most obscure and the most lucid thoughts of all time.

Malcolm de Chazal

A book that can never be exhausted—showing that someone from Mauritius can be more cosmopolitan than someone from New York or Paris.

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