Deborah Sussman

Graphic Designer; Interior Designer / United States / Sussman/Prejza & Company, Inc.

Deborah Sussman’s Book List

Literature and poetry, especially by and about women, have been a lifelong passion. While not directed specifically at the “design” profession, these books have informed and influenced my imagination, mind and soul. They also provide insights into various cultures, broadening our understanding of the world and learning how other people deal with life. . . . View the complete text
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Emily Dickinson
Introduction and notes by Rachel Wetzsteon

It’s humbling to read, and later think about, these poems. The deep insights and inspiration created by her original use of the most minimal of means will enrich the life of the reader: read everything she wrote and read it over and over. A brilliant example of “less is more” and how affecting such discipline can be.

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