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Farshid Moussavi’s Book List

I am interested in books that can be read in different ways, that offer different insights depending on the spatial position you adopt within them. This way of reading inspired my book The Function of Form, whose chapters are related through a theme but can be read independently of one another; similarly the pages can be read as double spreads or as a series of left-hand pages or right-hand pages.

The books below are not tributes to the thoughts of an author; rather they are nonlinear in their structure in order to trigger different kinds of ideas and understandings.

This book list was initiated on the occasion of Farshid Moussavi’s October 25, 2012, lecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. The lecture is available on videotape. The Frances Loeb Library at the Harvard Graduate School of Design featured Farshid Moussavi's Designers & Books book list as well as books from its collections that are by and about the architect, on display through October 26, 2012.

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