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Harry Pearce’s Book List

I'll never forget overhearing a graphic designer expounding on the number of business management books by his bedside. At first I panicked, thinking about my own reading preferences. I went home and looked through all my many, many shelves of books and realized there were none whatsoever on “business management.” In fact, very few were even about design; most were—and still—are concerned with the nature of the human mind.

I’m as passionate a reader as I am a traveler. I think the two are synonymous. Strange, as reading is thought of as a sedentary activity, but the more I move, the more I read.

4 books
Francis M. Naumann Editor
Hector Obalk Editor

Ben Kelly gave me this book. It’s a collection of selected correspondence of Marcel himself—much from all the years he was apparently lost to the world. Wonderful eloquent writing direct from a fascinating mind.

Calvin Tomkins

From all my years of devouring books on Duchamp, I think this read was the moment I felt someone had captured the spirit of the man himself, beyond the work we all know.

James E. B. Breslin

At almost 600 pages, this is a long and deep journey into Rothko’s life. Somewhere among all those pages I remember Rothko being quoted as saying his work was “silent music”—words that have remained with me forever. The book is full of wonderful observations like that.

Soetsu (Muneyoshi) Yanagi

This is a view into the mind of one of Japan’s great thinkers. A huge influence on Bernard Leach and the wonderful Shoji Hamada. A Japanese insight into the nature of beauty, full of wonderful observations on culture, design, and—ultimately—humanity.

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