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Jessica Helfand’s Book List

I mostly read non-fiction, only a fraction of which is design-related. I tend to get more out of reading non-design-related things (as this list will reveal), I think, because the references and the language tend to stretch both my mind and my vocabulary. (I often tell my students that I get more out of a New Yorker profile than any design book, and it’s true.) . . . View the complete text
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Anne Truitt

Truitt was a sculptor and a writer, a gardener and a mother, an artist whose journal reflects the banal bits of Sturm und Drang that plague every working parent in tandem with the persistent philosophical questions that jockey for position for anyone making a life deep in the studio. That she found a way to express these as equal components in her daily life makes for wonderful reading: it’s neither saccharine nor obtuse, but real, and really interesting.

Mark Stevens
Annalyn Swan

Ten years in the making, and it won a Pulitzer Prize. Easily the best artist’s biography I have ever read, because it’s as much about the man as about the process, and as much about the time in which he lived and struggled as the work he produced during his lifetime. Brilliant.

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