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John Hill’s Notable Books of 2011

3 books
Cédric Delsaux

Delsaux’s photographs merge urban and industrial settings—many of them ruins—with characters and crafts from the Star Wars films. Sure they make one think about the fate of these earthbound places, but they are also just plain cool, and beautiful to look at. The best photos occur when the alien insertion is difficult to detect.

Thom Mayne

This collection of a dozen urban design projects by Morphosis is elegantly designed and illustrated, a visual feast. But it is also theoretically intriguing, in the way Mayne uses the computer for exploring the evolution of urban form.

David Grahame Shane

Shane’s second book on urban design presents four models of the city since World War II: the metropolis, the megalopolis, the fractured metropolis, and the megacity/metacity. Loaded with case studies that illustrate the characteristics of each model, the book is a solid history of urban design as well as a snapshot of cities today and advice on how we move forward.

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