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Jonathan Adler’s Book List

3 books
John Irving

Not the biggest John Irving fan, but I love this book. I’m Sam the Skeptic and I hate magical realism, but I was totally able to suspend my disbelief for this book’s fate-based conceit. For a similar freaky-but-utterly-convincing-supernatural sitch try Patrick Süskind’s Perfume. Fab.

Judith Krantz

A glorious paean to the power of style and retail. When I read it as a kid (I was a kinda’ camp kid, I must admit) I knew I wanted to have a groovy store someday.

Dawn Powell

Just found out that Dawn Powell lived in my apartment building in New York. Kinda’ made my heart race. I love her. This 1942 page-turner about social climbing in New York is still relevant today. Sadly, I only discovered Dawn Powell in my camp adulthood.

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