Jonathan Barnbrook

Graphic Designer / United Kingdom / Barnbrook

Jonathan Barnbrook’s Book List

None of these are design books. I don’t read directly about design, but instead look to the philosophies and experiences found in literature to influence my work. To be a good designer, you need to understand human beings, and for me the novel is still the best way to understand how people experience, affect, and are influenced by the world around them.

1 book
Andy Warhol

I can’t find my copy of this book and it’s not even in print any more, but I still remember it for a philosophy that had a point of view completely contrary to everything else I was reading at the time. There is a chapter that starts with a long list of possible “heavy” problems and then gives the answer, “So what?” Completely refreshing and also made me feel free to do what I wanted in my work without having to justify every single mark (that bit didn’t last long though).

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