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Neil Denari’s Book List

I am primarily a reader of nonfiction, and reports, almanacs, and encyclopedias have always interested me as they dryly lay out apparently unbiased information. I am also interested in the opposite: spurious conjectures, crackpot theories, conspiracies, and theoretical arguments. Reports are not, however, immune to jargon and subtle coercion, and spurious conjectures can be very clear and persuasive. When books of any kind collapse this distinction, that’s where I find the most pleasure.

1 book
Robert Bresson

This is the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus of cinema. (The Tractatus refers to Wittgenstein’s text of the same title—another book that has been influential for me but did not make my uppermost list.) If there is one book I always travel with, this is it.

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