Philip Freelon

Architect / United States / The Freelon Group, Architects

Philip Freelon’s Book List

The majority of the books in my library are monographs and other volumes that document built and unbuilt work through photographs and written analysis/critique. I have not included these important and valued books on my list but have instead focused on the titles that have inspired me and broadened my understanding of the world—past, present, and future. My list includes books on design in general, architecture, photography, science, and science fiction. My interests, though varied, are centered on imagining, understanding, and interpreting environments.

2 books
Frank Herbert

Herbert creates a compelling world complete with physical habitat, socio-economic structure, religious rituals, sustainability and natural resource issues, and human drama of the highest order—all grounded in solid scientific research.

Orson Scott Card

A sci-fi classic with an intriguing take on the self-awareness of children and how destiny plays into one’s future.

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