Shashi Caan

Architect; Interior Designer; Product/Industrial Designer / United Kingdom; United States / Shashi Caan Collective

Shashi Caan’s Book List

Intrigued with interactions, phenomena, and life’s pervasive yet seemingly intangible aspects, I love pondering experience and language. Words are our expression and our power. Communication fosters connection and exchange. Thinking gives meaning to the subject of pondering, which utilizes words. . . . View the complete text
3 books
Yogananda Paramahansa

An extraordinary life story, this factual and well-written book is often hard to believe or imagine. It reminds me to remain open to incredible possibilities and that there is much in life which remains a mystery and unknown.

William Morris

Grounded in his thoughts of the shaping of a better English society, this book presents Morris’s image of a superior future though his personal lens of an idealized version of the past. It is especially relevant now given the current resurgence of interest in craft and the importance of local expression in many nations around the world.

Umberto Eco

Not the easiest of reads, this book is exemplary in the expression of ideas through observation and the dissection of contemporary society and culture. Eco is inspirational in his multifaceted exploration of writing from different vantage points, including scholarship, mass media (newspapers and magazines), and fiction.

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