Shashi Caan

Architect; Interior Designer; Product/Industrial Designer / United Kingdom; United States / Shashi Caan Collective

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Intrigued with interactions, phenomena, and life’s pervasive yet seemingly intangible aspects, I love pondering experience and language. Words are our expression and our power. Communication fosters connection and exchange. Thinking gives meaning to the subject of pondering, which utilizes words. . . . View the complete text
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William Faulkner

This story reminds me of life’s journey and the conditions we encounter. By association, it reminds of the potential for interpretation and alternate possibilities—and our solemn responsibility for our deeper consideration of the consequences of our actions within society and culture.

Edwin A. Abbott

Written with simplicity and imagination, this satirical parable is entertaining and educational. It challenges us to expand our capacity to rethink the possibility of other-dimensional life within our vast universe, and inspires the cultivation of greater conceptual prospects. Implicit in the story is the human acceptance of limitations and the status quo. These ideas are required to be rethought and possibly challenged by the designer.

Juan Rulfo

Storytelling at its best, this brilliant book simultaneously stimulates the imagination and intellect. The narrative flattens dimensional time and human existence, while seamlessly flip-flopping between the real and the surreal. It also provides a view into an aspect of the psyche of the uniquely Mexican/Latin imagination.

Rabindranath Tagore

While depicting life in the society and era of a bygone India, these captivating and vivid stories shed insight into our commonly shared human nature.

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