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Petition to Save Rizzoli Bookstore

New York’s last grand bookstore faces demolition and a petition drive to save the building is mounted.

By The Editors January 21, 2014

Update: April 28, 2014: Rizzoli Bookstore’s 57th Street location is closed as of April 11, 2014. Manhattan’s Rizzoli Bookstore, arguably the city’s most most beautiful bookstore and home to many of the most beautiful design books published, is slated for demolition. The owners of the ornate 109-year old restored building at 31 West 57th Street that the bookstore has occupied for the past 29 years plan to replace it, and two adjacent structures, with a luxury high-rise.

A petition drive to save the building by granting it landmark status (previously denied) has already received over 12,000 signatures. To sign the petition to preserve this “architecturally and culturally significant landmark in Midtown Manhattan,” go to: https://saverizzoli.wordpress.com

You can read more about the history of Rizzoli Bookstore and its architecture here.

Executive Director of Publicity for Rizzoli International Publications Pam Sommers noted in a statement issued on January 16: “The Rizzoli Bookstore is, and will remain, open for business at its current location for the time being, though the company is actively seeking new space.”

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