Weekly Wrap-Up & Preview

Weekly Wrap-Up & Preview: December 27

December 27, 2013

This holiday week we featured the books that inspire interior designer Sheila Bridges, a classic analysis of mass media as our Book of the Week, and a list of books on the design of advertising media. Next week we bring you some best-of-the-best round-ups and highlights from 2013 and announce our latest Design Books to Win winners. Happy new year!

Weekly Wrap-Up

Book List of the Week Sheila Bridges’s Book List: Designing a Life

On the walls in one of her rooms at home, Sheila Bridges has painted the words of the authors and books she loves, she tells Design Matters’s Debbie Millman in a recent interview.

Book of the Week Book of the Week: Marshall McLuhan’s The Medium is the Massage

An experimental 1967 collaboration between the originator of media analysis and a major designer has new meaning today.

Themed Book Lists 10 Books on Advertising Design

Inspired by this week's Book of the Week, The Medium is the Massage, by mass communications analyst Marshall McLuhan, here are 10 books from our contributors on advertising and design.


Next Week's Preview

Design Books to Win Design Books to Win No. 3 Winners to Be Announced

We announce the six winners of signed copies of Learning from Las Vegas.

The Proust Questionnaire — Book Edition Highlights from The Proust Questionnaire—The Book Edition

We showcase highlights from among the many memorable answers in the 29 Proust Questionnaires we published during November and December.

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