William Kerry Purcell
Phaidon Press, London, 2002, English,
Nonfiction, Graphic Design; Nonfiction, Photography
ISBN: 9780714841632

From the Publisher. Legendary designer and photographer Alexey Brodovitch (1898-1971), the long-time art director of Harper’s Bazaar, transformed the world of graphic design in the 20th century. Though known foremost for his work at Harper’s, Brodovitch’s legacy extended far beyond the magazine’s pages: as a teacher in Philadelphia and New York for some five decades, he inspired dozens of young photographers and art directors who would go on to become famous names themselves, including Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, Robert Frank, and Lisette Model. The book showcases more than 300 images of Brodovitch and his original designs. Among the rare materials included are book covers and posters from Brodovitch's early work in Paris and Philadelphia, more than 80 spreads and covers from Harper’s Bazaar, and contact sheets of photographs he took with a concealed Minox camera in the 1960s, while he was a patient at Wards Island Hospital, a mental institution in New York.

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Christian Lacroix

The Bible! The best book about art direction, layouts, graphic design. Always contemporary, never dated.

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