Carin Goldberg

Graphic Designer / United States / Carin Goldberg Design

Carin Goldberg’s Book List

Like most designers, I have an extensive and indispensable library of books on art and design. These books have always been and will continue to be the most important set of tools I use as a designer and a teacher. I was a product of the 1950s boom generation when television began to dominate the culture. For the most part, reading wasn’t particularly encouraged in my suburban public school or at home. I spent many years embarrassed by my literary limitations until I became a book jacket designer and had the opportunity to read hundreds and hundreds of manuscripts over the course of 15 years. . . . View the complete text
36 books
Henri Mouron
Peter Weiermair
Gerd Fleischmann
Hans Bosshard
Christoph Bignens
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