Bill Moggridge
The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2006, English
Nonfiction, Product/Industrial Design
8 x 9 inches, hardcover, 792 pages, 700 color illustrations
ISBN: 9780262134743
Suggested Retail Price: $44.95

From the Publisher. Digital technology has changed the way we interact with everything from the games we play to the tools we use at work. Designers of digital technology products no longer regard their job as designing a physical object—beautiful or utilitarian—but as designing our interactions with it. In Designing Interactions, award-winning designer Bill Moggridge introduces us to forty influential designers who have shaped our interaction with technology. Moggridge, designer of the first laptop computer (the GRiD Compass, 1981) and a founder of the design firm IDEO, tells us these stories from an industry insider's viewpoint, tracing the evolution of ideas from inspiration to outcome. The innovators he interviews—including Will Wright, creator of The Sims, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, and Doug Engelbart, Bill Atkinson, and others involved in the invention and development of the mouse and the desktop—have been instrumental in making a difference in the design of interactions. Their stories chart the history of entrepreneurial design development for technology.

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Donald Norman

Moggridge was extremely influential in establishing interaction within the design community. He played a major role in the design of the first portable computer. He was one of the three founders of IDEO, one of the world’s most influential design firms. He wrote two books of interviews with key people in the early development of the discipline—this one and Designing Media. As is typical of work from the discipline of design, his works focus almost entirely upon the practice of design, with little attention to the science. The focus on the history of design, as practiced through interviews with the practitioners, is what makes this book, and its companion, so valuable.

Carola Zwick

A comprehensive compilation on the history of interaction design by one of its key figures: Bill Moggridge.

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