James Collins
Harper Business, New York, 2001, English
Nonfiction, General
ISBN: 9780066620992

Answers to commonly asked questions about how good-to-great principles can help social sector organizations make the leap to greatness, using interviews with over 100 social-sector leaders.

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Jeffrey Bernett

In a world that seems to accept “good enough” and with the U.S. and the world facing some dynamic changes, the U.S.—and its leading corporations—need to decide if we are again going to be world leaders in a broad section of industries going forward, and if so, what are the values and principles that are going to get us there. To this end, Collins and his researchers went on a broad and in-depth journey of 1,400-plus companies to find out what characteristics and values are common to, and what are the key attributes found in “great” companies.

Dan Formosa

A look at pretty-good companies that have been in existence for decades, and (suddenly) became great. Personal discussions about the many companies I consult with conjure up various principles discussed in Jim Collins’s book.

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