Michael Maharam

Writer; Executive / Product Design / United States / Maharam

Michael Maharam is CEO of Maharam, the nation’s leading supplier of textiles to commercial architects and interior designers. Representing the fourth generation of family leadership, Maharam took charge of this century-old business in 1997 with a vision to bring a restrained modern aesthetic to a predictably decorative trade.

Over the past decade, through the introduction of a multidisciplinary design approach, Maharam has brought mainstream recognition to an often underappreciated medium, and has sought to distinguish his company through a holistic effort employing design as a practical and inspirational tool at every level.

Beyond the acclaimed work of the Maharam Design Studio, Maharam has focused on re-editions of textile design by prominent multidisciplinary designers of the 20th century and commissioned works by contributors across varied disciplines, including graphic, industrial, and fashion design, as well as numerous collaborations with the art world. Sponsorship of major museum shows, an esteemed furniture and art collection, and meticulous, rigorously minimal offices and showrooms are just a few ways in which the company outwardly manifests its design philosophy. A4 Studio, its dedicated graphic design arm, offers a focused point of view, shaping a consistent and all-encompassing visual ambiance.

Michael Maharam is a member of the MoMA A+D Committee, a trustee of the Chinati Foundation, and the 2007 recipient of the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Award for Design Patron.

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