Ellen Lupton

Curator; Writer; Lecturer; Designer; Educator / Graphic Design / United States / Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum; Maryland Institute College of Art

Books Every Graphic Designer Should Read

I’m a designer who writes and a writer who likes to fuss with fonts, formats, and the techniques of publishing. Typography and writing are deeply connected. Writing makes thought exterior, converting fleeting notions into concrete things—indelible patterns of ink or pixels. My reading list includes in equal measure books that study (and exemplify) design processes and those that explore (and demonstrate) the qualities of strong writing. . . . View the complete text
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Roland Barthes

The essays collected in this book shook my intellectual world when I first read them in college, and I continue today to force these texts upon my graduate students, who don’t always have the patience to wade through Barthes’s dense style. The reward is there for the patient. (If only the French had read Strunk and White.)

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