Maura Frana

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Maura Frana is a professor at Minneapolis College of Art & Design, where she teaches in the undergraduate Graphic Design department. She is the co-author of the book Five Conversations on Graphic Design and Creative Writing, published by Pratt Press, which examines the value of cross-disciplinary methods in graphic design.

She holds an MFA in Communication Design from Pratt Institute; in addition to her graduate work in the Communications Design program at Pratt, she, in collaboration with Tom Klinkowstein and the Dutch academy St. Joost, developed the department’s first international course, which, through many Skype calls and collaborative assignments, explored Dutch and American values in design.

Frana lives in Minneapolis with her fiancé and goofy bichon-a-ranian Lou.

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Daily Features
By Maura Frana, Superscript August 29, 2013

Poised to become classics, a fresh crop of children's books seeks to capture young minds through design.

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