Tiana Vasiljev

Notable Books Contributor / Designer; Bookseller; Retailer / / Beautiful Pages

Tiana Vasiljev studied graphic design at the Design Centre Enmore (Sydney), graduating with an Advanced Diploma in 2006. She began her design career in 2007 working for Valentine Associates; a multidisciplinary Sydney-based design studio. In 2009, she relocated to London where she continued her graphic design work.

Vasiljev has worked on a range of design projects, including branding, corporate literature, brochures, catalogues, editorial layouts, and websites. Her clients have included the Karl McManus Foundation, the 2011 KMF Lyme Disease Appeal, Christie’s Great Estates, Brookfield Multiplex, Eighteen Percent Photography, The One That Got Away, CMS Electracom, and Strategic Financial Solutions (SFS).

With a special emphasis on typography, attention to detail, a strong conceptual attitude, and a willingness to experiment, she is open to all challenges. Her goal is to create innovative and meaningful design that promotes thought, interaction, and a smile.

In June 2011, after returning to Sydney, Vasiljev launched Beautiful Pages, an online design store selling beautifully printed graphic design related books, magazines, posters, and DVDs. The store was created as an online space where Australian designers (and designers all over the world) could go to be inspired—a creative site that both students and professionals could visit any time of the day and easily purchase products that would fuel their imagination.

Beautiful Pages serves as a reminder to designers about the beauty of real ink on paper, the importance of the printed page, and the pleasures and benefits of owning these beautiful books, magazines and printed pieces.

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