Guo Pei

Fashion Designer / China / Rose Studio Fashion Co. Ltd.

“I love haute couture, because it is timeless. It is the opposite of ready-to-wear, which can rise to fame very quickly but also can be forgotten quickly. My hope is that my work be regarded as work in a museum collection is viewed, treasured like a piece of royal jewelry, a masterpiece that will be handed down from age to age. Real haute couture is eternal, tested by time, and, many years later, will provide a kind of glance back through time. A representation of lost glories and residual splendors, it will remain as an interpretation of the joy I have had in creating.” —Guo Pei

Guo Pei is President and Chief Designer of Rose Studio Fashion Co. Ltd.  She is a member of the China Fashion Designers Association (CFDA) Council and the Fashion Art Committee of CFDA, and has been named foremost among China’s Top 10 Fashion Designers.

Whether with her early designs for ready-to-wear clothing, which first earned her recognition, or through her current haute couture, which has won extensive praise, Guo Pei constantly challenges herself and pursues perfection. As one of earliest promoters of haute couture in China, Guo Pei’s Rose Studio, established in 1997 (the designer presented her first solo fashion show in 1996), represents the highest level of Chinese haute couture.

Relying on her talent and skills in designing and enthusiasm for the fashion industry, Guo Pei set up her own fashion kingdom quickly. National politicians, film stars, celebrities, business elites, and high-end consumers are among her most loyal and prominent customers. Guo Pei's most high-profile work ranges from the clothing worn by performers in the opening and closing ceremonies at the 2008 Beijing Olympics to dresses for the hosts of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala to costumes for a production of Tosca.

Her many achievements and accolades include three consecutive Gold Awards at the International Fashion and Accessories Fair (1993–95); awards for best design, best technology, and five other gold awards at the International Fashion Fair (1997);  Lycra Fashion Award—Annual Fashion Designer; Annual Top 10 Outstanding Young Chinese Designers; named among most influential Chinese women on lifestyle by the National Women's Propaganda Department, all 2007; award for Beijing Olympics costume design, 2008; and Best Haute Couture Contribution Award for Building Beijing as a Fashion Capital, and Best Dress Design Award at China International Fashion Week, both 2009.








Chinese translation by Lynn Zhang.

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