Abbott Miller

Graphic Designer / United States / Pentagram

Abbott Miller’s Book List

For Designers & Books I decided to focus on books that were influential on me as a student: as I get older, I realize that they continue to influence the way I think about art, architecture, and design.

2 books
Hollis Frampton

Containing incredibly smart essays by a filmmaker whose work I came to know and love in school, this book was an important example of an artist who used his work and his writing to explore ideas in the history of film and photography. I mostly loved this book because of how comfortably Frampton sat on both the creative and analytical sides of the desk.

Rosalind Krauss

Essays on the history of modernism and photography that shaped much of my thinking about art, design, and theory. Krauss was an incredible teacher but an even better writer—incredibly sophisticated, cerebral, stylish, and original. This book was foundational for me.

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