Abbott Miller

Graphic Designer / United States / Pentagram

Abbott Miller’s Book List

For Designers & Books I decided to focus on books that were influential on me as a student: as I get older, I realize that they continue to influence the way I think about art, architecture, and design.

4 books
Aldo Rossi

An author whose sense of ennui and melancholy connected my younger interest in surrealism with my burgeoning interest in architecture.

Barbara Miller Lane

Miller Lane provides a good look at the intersection of politics and architecture and how the Nazi Party responded to modernism.

Carl E. Schorske

Brisk survey of the cultural setting in which Viennese modernism took hold: everything about this book comes to life: architecture, city planning, psychoanalysis, music, literature, painting. A brilliant model of cultural history.

Gillian Naylor

This book initiated my own research into the Bauhaus and set off a long engagement with modernist ideas and contradictions.

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