Ada Tolla

Architect / Italy; United States / LOT-EK

Ada Tolla’s Book List

The founding partners of LOT-EK, Ada Tolla and Giuseppe Lignano, have provided a joint list of books that have influenced their work as architects, educators, thinkers, and people of the world.  It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows Tolla and Lignano that there were two distinct reactions as they were deciding on which books to include: passionate accord or sharp disagreement. There is no middle ground about what resonates with LOT-EK.  As with the work they produce, or the projects they decide to pursue, things either resonate, or they simply do not.

The following titles reflect the attitudes, desires, and subject matter that inform the minds of LOT-EK.

1 book
Noah Webster et al.

Our absolute favorite book—since we first saw it—and, even more, since we managed to get our hands on this used 1961 edition. We wanted this edition specifically: it's the last one using color tables, illustrations, and drawings. We love that it’s clear, systematic, illustrated, physically present, big, heavy, and indented. It’s a seemingly infinite compendium of answers.

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