Christian Lacroix

Fashion Designer / France /

Christian Lacroix’s Book List

Richard Avedon, Cecil Beaton, Alexey Brodovitch.

6 books
Guillaume Dustan

The French journalist's fictionalized memoir.

Patrick Modiano

One of French novelist Modiano's latest novels (1997). See my comment on Villa Triste.

Georges Perec

A master of language whose work I find utterly seductive. (The title of the book, not available in English, translates as “I Remember.”)

Julien Gracq

Along with Michel Tournier, Gracq is an author who creates a world in which I always feel at home.

Michel Tournier

See my comment on Le rivage des Syrtes.

Patrick Modiano

Modiano and I have the same passion for nostalgic details that conjure up otherworldly memories and forgotten gems from the past.

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